For Residents

Telephone Providers:

Internet Providers:

Propane Providers:

  • New Cooperative (515) 852-4136 Sold to W&H Coop (515)332-2782
  • AgVantage FS (800) 346-0058
  • Hancock County Coop Oil (641) 444-3885


  • Purchase Green Garbage (T&S Sanitation) bags at:
    • Rowan Public Library, Clarion Super Foods, Dows Community Grocery, Dows Casey’s General Store, and Dows City Hall $25/pkg 10
  • Receive 1 Free Recycling Bin at City Hall as new resident:

*Bins are now $15/each

    • Pick-up at curb is 1st and 3rd Friday of each month
  • Garbage Pick up is:
    • Every Tuesday before noon
    • If Holiday or Inclement Weather, will be next day

Electric Provider:

Water/Sewer Provider:

  • City of Rowan
  • Deposit = $185.00
  • Minimum Monthly Charge = $82.79
    • Includes storm sewer, landfill, mosquito spraying, sewer, and water
  • The City contracts to have septic tanks pumped on a schedule as well as having filters cleaned and other regular maintenance. Please review the City’s Sewer Ordinance regarding the customers responsibilities/liabilities.

Law Enforcement:

  • Wright County Sheriff (800) 944-1743
    • In emergency call 911

Weather Emergency Alert System: